Madinet Nasr’s Yemenese is ripe with a spice-laden air that swirls around you like a beloved memory. With ornamental festooned tents and bright red low tables that invite a cosy and homey meal experience, Yemenese embraces the age-old traditions of authentic Bedouin dining.

Lamb tajins bubbling with onion, spices and tomato stew signal a comforting feast is at hand, authentic Mandy releases its aromas, tempting you to dive in while macarona ‘mebakbaka’, infused with shreds of tender lamb and drenched in spicy tomato sauce tastes like a long-awaited embrace.

From the masterful renditions of classics to the traditional recipes preserved for centuries, every dish at Yemenese pays homage to the profound abundance at the heart of authentic Yemeni cuisine.

Now with that said, pass that mint teapot, please.