Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Meet Mama Nahed: The Cheesemaker Behind Ain Shams’ Alban Rashad

Mama Nahed (AKA Om Rashad) makes the best cottage cheese around.

Layla Raik

We’ve travelled far and wide but nothing could please our adamant lactose-intolerant cheese-adoring tummies like Egyptian cheeses. Not the preservative-studded store bought kind, no dear readers, we’re referring to the cheese you can only find in dusty old-school be’alas that smell like years of whey. On a small street in Helmiyet El-Zatoun, a reputable Mama Nahed, AKA Om Rashad, crafts the cheese assortment of our dreams – brimming with the magic of a mother’s love.

Ever since her husband’s passing, Mama Nahed has taken it upon herself to manage the family creamery, which allowed her to live out her best cheese merchant life with the help of her son (the Rashad). The startup entrepreneur queen crafts all her dairy products by hand, which means you can get the smoothest cottage cheese of your life at Mama Nahed’s.

Pay Om Rashad a visit – and send her our love – when in Helmiyet El-Zatoun.


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