Ordering food every single day would be lovely, but ain’t nobody got that cash for that tbh. With delivery services returning to work 24/7, we're bringing you some delish news that will make your quarantine even better.

Everyone's fav sushi joint, Mori Sushi, has given us the best news yet and made ordering all dem sushi and sashimi so much easier. Starting the 12th of April, AKA today, you can order anything, and we mean ANYTHING, off their menu and get a 50% discount. This offer is basically like their annual #HowIRoll, instead you can have it from your home and Mori Sushi just wanted to make our lives a little bit better while self-isolating. We don't know how long this 50% discount is going to last, but we recommend taking use of it pronto.

You can call their hotline on 16885.