Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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NOLA Just Released 8 New Ramadan Desserts and Our Sweet Tooth Is Here for It

Konafa Lotus Cornflakes? Who gave them permission to do this to our bellies?

Staff Writer

'Tis the season to be creative with desserts. Ramadan has and always will be where our sweet tooth live their best life. Whether Corona runs amok outside our homes or not, the country's confectionaries will be at the forefront of ingenuity when it comes to 7alaweyat. NOLA, so far, is at the vanguard of this delish tradition this year. 

Everyone's fav cupcake shop, that obvs doesn't just do cupcake shops anymore and has grown to become an empire for all sweet things, have released eight new items for us to obsess over this holy month. Worry not, they still have their iconic konafa bel manga and Om Ali with creme brule and the likes of them. We're here, however, to show you how delish their new creations are. You're welcome. 

Konafa Lotus Cornflakes

Turkish Basbousa

Konafa Nutella Volcano 

El-Midala3a Bel Cadbury

Crazy Mix 

Konafa Nutella Brownies 

Lotus Om Ali 

Konafa Cake Balls 

Konafa Nutella Cake 


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