Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Nabat Eats Serves Up Healthy Treats From Its Own Hydroponic Farm

This cafe is backed by its own hydroponic farm!

Layla Raik

With the new year, new me energy still fresh in the air, it’s time to live up to our resolutions. And when those resolutions include eating healthy, it’s suddenly the hardest thing in the world to stop yourself from calling up some fast food for some fast gratification. Just in time to stop us from betraying ourselves to our growling stomachs is Nabat, a hydroponic farm serving us all kinds of delicious goodies that are grown as green and healthy as possible.

Utilising vegetation that has been grown hydroponically, as in rooted in water-based mineral nutrient solutions in aqueous solvents instead of soil, for more sustainably grown and safer (pesticide- and insecticide-free!) crops, Nabat diligently ensures your nabat is both delicious and nutritious. 

Besides, they don’t just throw their polished ingredients onto your cutting platter for you to do all the work - the farms offer an extensive menu of lunch-worthy and snackable delicacies that’ll satisfy both your eat-better and have-more-fun resolutions. From their munchable kale muffins, watermelon jerky and sesame bites to their more fulfilling cream of red beets soup and duck for that salad - the food service is a healthy foodie experimenter’s dream. 

Available at Capital Promenade, Gezira club and the Smart Village, as well as for delivery-based ventures, Nabat is just the place for a quick coffee - or strawberry zen smoothie, your call - and a truly soul-fortifying snack.


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