New Cairo’s biggest and best mashrama concept food joint has rolled into Sahel. If you’re not familiar with Labash, the communal dining experience uses a kind of mini DIY shawerma station for each table and completely abandons the need for plates and cutlery. And now it has just hit the North Coast’s Rivette Amwaj Mall.

“We wanted to bring our restaurant concept to Sahel because we know that people coming out of the beach want something delicious and casual to eat, especially now since we don’t use cutlery and plates there is less risk of contagion,’ said Mamdouh Khaled, the owner of Labash. 

The eatery has chicken and beef options served up on a mini vertical spit, and comes with bucketloads of seasoned and herbed fries and a selection of secret sauces and bread. If you've never had a mashrama experience before, let us tell you it's quite a moment.