Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Chicken Planet Opens New Maadi Branch and They're Giving Out a Ton of Free Fried Chicken

Whatever your order is, it will get doubled.

Staff Writer

The best things in life are free, especially if they're fried chicken. Yup, we just said free fried chicken and listen up, kiddos. Chicken Planet has decided to bestow Maadi with a new branch that happens to open, well, today. What makes this opening special is that whatever order you make with them on the 16th and 17th of July will be doubled. 
If you're not following, let us simplify it for you. Basically, if you get 12 pieces of fried chicken, you end up getting 24 instead. If you get 16, you'll be showered with 32 instead. In other words, Marie Antoinette is probz rolling in her grave saying, "Let them eat fried chicken."
Oh, and if you happen to be one of those people who don't eat fried chicken (which is a little bit of a deal breaker but it's 2020 so live and let live tbh), they have a special buy-one-get-the-other-one-for-free offer on sandwiches.

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