Born out of a combination of two passions, cooking and fitness, O’Jerky is the new Cairene brand making it easy to get your protein fill while still being able to snack on the salty foods we know and love. 

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle while continuing to enjoy tasty and delicious snacks, especially during our busy, on-the-go lifestyles is the ultimate end goal with this up-and-coming brand.

“What makes us different is our commitment to going above and behind to provide our customers with the most delicately sourced natural and delicious ingredients and then using the best traditional and clean homemade methods to cook, those that have withstood the test of time,” founder Karim Marc told us.

Their jerky selections will come in an array of different flavours including salt and pepper and teriyaki, and are already available online through their social media pages. “My vision for O’Jerky is to see it in every gym, on every health stand and gourmet shop shelf and not only in Egypt,” Marc added.

The brand is in negotiations to have their products available in a number of select gyms and supermarkets, so you can get your meat on the go, wherever you go.