Picture this: It’s 8 PM and you’re snuggling into your thickest knit cardigan hoping that it will protect you against the Cairo chill as you walk down the streets of Maadi having just spent the afternoon sobbing into your friend’s shoulder about the possibility of turning into Umbridge with how long you’ve been single. 

During those tumultuous times, you feel bad enough about yourself that you want to skip the (unnecessary) guilt that accompanies burying your sorrows in a greasy burger but you also know that a salad - no matter how dense - won’t satisfy either the gaping hole in your heart or the endless void of your stomach. Which is when you stumble upon Okuku. 

The Afro-inspired eatery is a sanctuary for every woman who struggles with having a massive appetite but knows they need to eat healthily. While famous for its flame-grilled chicken, Okuku serves a slew of protein-dense appetisers, sides, and main courses, both vegetarian and otherwise. From a creamy beetroot dip to perfectly spicy peri peri wings and a filling bean salad, your cravings and hunger will both be satisfied without the bitter char aftertaste that comes with eating junk food.