There are few things we find easy to trust nowadays, but the eternal Egyptian staple, foul and falafel, is a meal we can fully count on, especially when crafted by the giants of the industry. Mohamed Ahmed, Alexandrian landmark and the national spot (that’s right, Cairenes, pack your bags) for traditional Egyptian all-day breakfast.

Located in the historic neighbourhood of Mahatet El-Raml in Alexandria, the eatery comes bearing a whole lot of cultural baggage. Originally founded as Benjamin by a Jewish family, the restaurant was sold to Mohamed Ahmed El-Sammak in 1957, which is when it began its reign as Alexandria’s number one breakfast spot, even after the icon’s widely-mourned passing in 2021.

Frequented by cultural icons like Soad Hosny, Naguib Mahfouz and international royalty alike, Mohamed Ahmed’s Shakshuka and mesaa’a have been drawing food fanatics in since as long as any Alexandrian can remember, making them a must-visit on your next Alexandria trip.