Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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'Quickit’ Brings All of Your Fav Restaurant Dishes at Home for You to Make Yourself

Quickit gathers the best recipes from a whole host of Egyptian restaurants and delivers you frozen meal kits to cook them from your home.

Staff Writer

Do you ever eat from a fast food joint and are like "man I wish I could just cook this at home every day", or see a food bloggers picture and are like "offf, my cooking never looks like that", or do you ever go to a restaurant and are like "wow, what's the special recipe in this dish, it's insane!" and then you ask to speak to the chef and you joke with him about how good it was and with a smirk ask if you can to steal his recipe and he jokes back that it's a secret and walks away and then later that night you stalk who the chef of the restaurant is and find out where he lives and kidnap the chef and bring him back to your kitchen where you handcuff him to the stove and he shows you how he made the dish?

Well lucky for you, no need to go through anything illegal to get your hands on your favorite restaurant's dishes anymore, because Quickit has already done that! Lol, jk,. No they haven't kidnapped any chefs but they have created a platform which gathered the best recipes from a whole ghost of renowned restaurants such as Smiley's, Vinny's Pizza, Cook Door, Feteera, Ovio as well as various influencers like The Food Review and Foodista Egypt and package them in to ready to cook frozen meal kits - washed, chopped, measured and packed. Imagine that, you can have a Cook Door Cunchy chicken sandwich for lunch and Ovio pancakes for dessert right from your kitchen, whilst avoiding COVID-19 paranoia.

"The story starts when I was on a Business Trip to the USA" Quickit founder Mohamed Gamal Salem told SceneEats, "I missed Mum's food and was fed up with the junk food. But I did not have the skills to cook, so I went to Walmart and I got dazzled with all the meal kits from different vendors and ready to cook meals."

"We started Quickit as no one doubts the importance of sitting down to a homemade dinner made with love after a busy working day and no one doubts that life is going too fast so it's hard for busy Mums or singles to cook their meals or even go to the groceries."

You can shop their meal kits at and we have a special promo code for you. Use SceneEats10 and get a 10% discount on your next order.


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