Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Silk Road is the Hole-in-The-Wall Serving Authentic Chinese Cuisine

If our pain’s going to be bottomless, our hot-pot might as well be too.

Layla Raik

Every once in a while, we need a meal so powerful it can restore our burnt-out zest for life. Combining explosive flavours, sufficient carb and a comprehensive variety of taste, Chinese cuisine has subtly cemented itself as our go-to when in one of these ruts – but it can only go one of two ways. It’s either an mmhmm-inducing meal of your life - whereby one can’t quite walk properly after - or a detrimental soggy disappointment.

Across the many Chinese spots populating C-town, from the boujee to the run-down, no spot has held its place in the hot-pot time-space continuum like Maadi’s Silk Road. Expertly cooking only the freshest ingredients, in accordance with recipes as old as time, the spot serves up a plate of dumplings as fortifying as the mythicised fountain of youth and a wide array of noodles (yes, they slurp).

On your next group adventure, a quick trip to Naguib Mahfouz St. in Zahraa El-Maadi could satisfy those pesky asian food-affiliated cravings of yours.


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