Whether you’re having a bad day, trying to cure a hangover, getting over a breakup, or just need a little pick-me-up, coffee is literally always there for you. Even in hard times like today, coffee will always make your day just a little better, especially if its you’re favourite Starbucks drink. 

We hate to break the news that Starbucks Middle East has announced that their stores will be strictly take-away only! Kuwait Starbucks is the first in the ME region to take this safety precaution by shutting down the indoors of the coffee shop to strongly push social distancing. To ensure that health and safety is focused on, Starbucks is also encouraging to pre-pay through their app to make the process as contact-less as possible.  

Ugh yes, you can no longer sit with your fav friends gossiping over some delicious coffee for a short while but that's exactly what needs to be done to flatten the curve.