Most of us have or know people who have, traveled abroad to study, work or generally just to live their best lives. So, we obviously know how lonely and homesick it could tend to get when someone is that far away from home, and it always starts with missing your friends and food. For some reason we cannot satisfy our massive Egyptian appetite once when we're out of the country. Which is exactly why Egyptians and Arabs will undoubtedly go crazy with, quite literally, the best thing since sliced bread: instant molokhia.      

It all started when Karim Ezzat, the Egyptian director of Swiss-based startup Yellow Moon Foods AG, had the idea curing homesickness and creating instant, on the go molokhia with Molokhia Express. Something that resonates with all Egyptians, not just something you find at a supermarket. This genius solution has been in the works for the past eight years by German and Swiss scientists who made damn sure that you eat your molokhia, free from MSG, artificial colouring and preservatives. "Our molokhia is not extracted and is made from 100% molokhia leaves," Ezzat tells us. You could order instant molokhia anywhere in the UK and they're panning to expand to Canada and the US, so keep your eyes open.

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