Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Summer Has Finally (Kinda) Arrived with Gelato on Wheelz’s New ’Filled’ Popsicles

After a short but harrowing hiatus, Egypt's first ice cream van is back!

Staff Writer

I scream, you scream, we all scream into the inevitable void that is the collapse of society around us. Luckily there's something to cheer us up in the meantime and make up for the lost summer. Gelato on Wheelz's ice cream vans are back in action and serving up a brand new taste-twisting product - popsicles! These aren’t just any popsicles, though, these are ‘filled’ popsicles that punch much more flavour than your run-of-the-mill frozen flavoured liquid type. Naturally, with his being the first time we’ve seen them in Egypt, they’re flying off the proverbial shelf.

The flavours include strawberry filled with condensed milk and chocolate filled with Brigadeiro (a type of Brazilian dessert), as well as watermelon and mango.

You can find the popsicles at any one of Gelato on Wheelz' vans in Cairo and Sahel. They're in a number of compounds on the North Coast, including Marassi, Hacienda Bay, Amwaj, Mivida, Uptown Cairo, Palm Hills, Swan Lake, Rehab and many more.

Meanwhile, for delivery, you can DM them on Instagram directly. They deliver to Maadi every day, New Cairo on Saturdays and Wednesday and Zamalek on Mondays.


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