Inauthentic Asian cuisine, while sometimes guiltily delicious, has historically taken its toll on Cairo-based palate explorers. When it comes to drinks, boba tea has long been a misrepresented victim in the sea of rock-hard pearls and milkshake-resembling drinks throughout Egypt. Luckily for us, though, things are about to get a lot more true-to-form with the opening of Taiwanese boba spot Sharetea in Cairo.  

Having been established in 1992 in Taiwan, Sharetea is as authentic as it gets. The spot serves everything boba, from mango milk tea fiascos to the soul-jolting refreshment of strawberry green tea. 

Representing the Taiwanese drink’s first foray into Egyptian ground, the store opening in Cairo marks the beginning of an era and not just our era of being annoyingly boba boastful on social media. Following the opening of the first outlet, Sharetea expects to unleash a whopping 20 branches throughout the country, causing a deep-rooted boba invasion we’d rather not fight.

The Cairo store opening marks the 14th country with Sharetea roots, the franchise has certainly come a long way from when it was the mere dream of a director in the form of a tea street stand made to be shared.