Specialising in the 1560-originating French choux pastry, Le Choux is the home-based bakery experimenting with textures, flavours and toppings to create an experiential variety of the authentic finger food for any occasion. Consisting mainly of butter, water, flour and eggs, choux are as fluffy as they sound (and just as delicious), reaching the perfect level of puff when the water in the dessert evaporates, making them literal edible clouds.

On its journey from the court of Marie Antoinette to our dining tables, the dessert has expanded into a world of its own - one that is graciously explored by our very own Le Choux. From the savoury sandwich-resemblant treats perfect for a breakfast bite, to the classic caramel or chocolate-topped treat, and even the more elaborate Kinder-decorated bites; the patisserie continues to brave the uncharted waters of the friendly (Parisian) neighbourhood choux.

For a taste of the sky, make sure to place your orders 24 hours in advance, and order via WhatsApp at the following numbers 01111473122 or 01228066668.