Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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This Brand Imports Luxury Chocolate and Delivers Them to Your Door

Oh, and there's no delivery charge.

Staff Writer

So, everyone and their mother came up with their own perfect routine for the quarantine. But, since all we ever want to do is get out and escape from routines, everyone pretty much ends up succumbing to the same routine (give or take). We just sit around, get up, then sit around again. This rather effective way of passing the time is only good for one thing..eating. Whether we're binging Netflix, FaceTiming everyone we know, panicking about the news or sanitising the entire house -- it always feels like the perfect time to eat. Because lots-of-sweet-comfort-food-delivered-to-your-doorstep seems to correlate to a happy quarantine. That's why we need to tell you about this ultimate joy-giver.     

The Cairo-based chocolate house Chocolatier is delivering the one thing we just cannot get enough of; a butt-load of the finest imported chocolate. Yup, everything from M&M's and Lindt Swiss to Toblerone and Rittersport; they have the ultimate supply of our fav cocoa filled treats. But, that's not the only thing that's getting us all excited. Given the current circumstances (#staysafe), we can sit around as we please while all the imported chocolate you could ever dream of is delivered to our doorstep without having to pay a delivery charge. So, you'll have to excuse us we've got some really important phone calls/orders to make.

Follow Chocolatier on Instagram, and get your sweet fix from the website or just call +20 1200962556.


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