National post-seafood desserts are unavoidable when you’re visiting Alexandria. In the world of sickly-sweet treats, delicacies like Om Ali, Beleela and Roz bi Laban hold an unshakeable spot in the city’s history (and, it has to be said, in our hearts).  Sheikh Wafik, a historic shop, is a cornerstone in the world of Alexandrian desserts, crafting deliciously creamy Roz bi Laban and chewy Om Ali topped with a light layer of Mediterranean mist for decades.

Sheikh Wafik’s story is one to put all new-wave pseudo-motivational TikTok-podcaster-hybrids to shame. Want to know how to make it big? The restaurant began as a flimsy Om Ali cart in the west Alexandria neighbourhood of Bahary, and after years of dedicated baking and good ol’ word of mouth, they developed into a full-blown, constantly-at-capacity restaurant in the exact same spot.

Whether you’re curious to see history in action or are just craving a good Om Aly reinforcement, Sheikh Wafik is a must-see on your next trip to Bahary.