Unlike Crocs, pizza is one of life's creations that is universally loved. Everyone loves a good pizza. Hell, even when a pizza is, like, kinda bad, it's still honestly good because it's pizza! This problem, however, makes it easy for anyone to dub themselves as professional pizza eaters. This is where New York Pizza comes to fight those people and show them for who they truly are.

New York Pizza's pizzas are, well, out of the ordinary because they're the biggest in town. When we say big, we mean that the eatery is home to Om El Donia's biggest pizza, which goes by the name of Super Family, at a whopping 30 inches. A slice from that pizza basically equates a normal sized big pizza from any other pizza joint. 

The restaurant is located in Maadi's Zahraa, Wataneya to be specific, and has been serving these gigantic creations for almost a year now. If you think you're a true pizza fan, you should definitely make it a point to try New York Pizza. 

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