The clouds are rolling in the darkening grey sky, the wind is howling against your windows, and you’ve efficiently burrito-wrapped yourself into a fluffy blanket, bent behind the open fridge door rummaging for something to eat in this gloomy weather. Your phone rings, it’s your best friend and she’s threatening to drag you, kicking and screaming if need be, for breakfast at a New Cairo spot in Trivium Mall, Toasted. 

The beloved spot is dedicated to primarily serving an eclectic selection of perfectly toasted sandwiches, from the classic grilled cheese to more creative concoctions. Their Croque Monsieur, for example, is an ode to cheese: two thick layers of soft white bride are toasted until golden, with a special mayo sauce, almost a quarter kilo of mixed cheese, and layers of cold cuts that, and once assembled, the sandwich is liberally coated with - you guessed it - more cheese. 

Their sandwiches menu is truly extensive, avocado toast, a richly layered salmon open sandwich, a mammoth Philly Cheesesteak, a sundried tomato and roast beef sandwich are the least they have to offer. And while Toasted does provide coffee, what takes the cake is their thick and deliciously creamy classic milkshakes in vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and strawberry. 

Their dessert menu is basic, but their generosity with sauces and toppings more than makes up for the lack of ingenuity. The entire dessert menu is…French Toast. But. There’s the classic french toast (dunked in Nutella ™) and then there’s their pistachio and halawa sha’r french toast which certainly provides a textural experience.