Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Tortina Just Released Tons of New Ramadan Desserts and We Cannot Help but Stan

Tick tock, it's dessert o'clock.

Staff Writer

The holy month of Ramadan calls for so many delicious traditions. Besides all the sambousak, stuffed vine leaves and fattah that we're gorging on constantly, we definitely can’t get enough of all dem tasty desserts. Let’s get real, it’s what we wait for year after year. We get excited for, well every new delicious heaven. Each new konafa creation to Om Alis and so on. Tortina, much like every year, has not disappointed us which is why we felt the need to take this moment to appreciate all their new inventive treats.

Kunafa Soiree

Basbusa Financier

Mix Oriental Plate

Om Ali Creme Brulée

Basbusa Créme Caramel

Banoffee Kunafa Tart

Salted Toffee Pana Cotta

Rawani Mango

Dates Kunafa Tart

Lotus Kunafa

Mango Kunafa


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