There come days in every bad bleep’s life where an incessant need to dress up in a newly engineered outfit and strappy heels for a sushi girls’ night overtakes their every thought. That is, until you remember the truly heart-shattering fact that, unlike the fabulous ladies of Shmex & the City, you’re not a sushi fanatic and raw fish makes your stomach turn.

In times like this, BoGo’s fried chicken sushi menu, as in delicious fried chicken rolled into delectable sushi-resemblant bites, is our picky-eater-friendly solace. Lipstick-friendly, delicious and stomachable, BoGo’s bites make for a fun night out any day.

Besides, if you’re feeling less ‘night out’ dinner and more ‘morning-after’ brunch, BoGo’s scrumptious fried chicken doughnuts have just enough grease to drown out the soggiest of hangovers.