It’s a pretty well known fact that honey is healthy, but the jar of honey that you’re picking up at the supermarket has likely been rid of all of its nutrients. Supermarket honey is heated for a better consistency, but this essentially destroys all of its health benefits. To benefit from honey, you need to get it raw, un-filtered, straight from the hive. Lucky for us, that’s about to get a whole lot easier thanks to bee enthusiast Moustafa Salem.

“It all started a couple of years ago after I did a bit of research about the dwindling numbers of bees around the globe” Salem told Scene Eats, "this is when I decided to pursue beekeeping as a hobby, I took a course on the topic and studied the ins and outs.” A few years later Salem is rolling out his very our pure grade A honey- “Hive”.


Hive is a new line of premium honey sourced from small scale family-owned apiaries (which is fancy-speak for bee farms). Not only is the honey organic but it’s also ethically produced and comes in a variety of flavours such as clover, orange, and herbal blossom. Hive’s different flavours are the natural result of bees feeding on different flowers. Hive is sold at various grocery stores and online. You can check out Hive on Instagram to learn more about their honey.