Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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You'll Never Look at Chicken the Same Way Again with Toki

Stuffed chicken is the name of the game at Toki.

Badreya Electroneya

We’ve recently stumbled upon a spot that might potentially accentuate all poultry enthusiasts' love for roasted chicken in all its forms, quite literally. Our contender is called ‘Toki’ and she’s truly serving us stuffed chicken realness.  

Stuffed chicken never tasted this good 

The restaurant is innovative in terms of stuffing chicken where you get your regular filling with veggies, rice and raisins. Though the innovation takes place in their stuffed breasts, which certainly isn’t very common in that domain, their breasts are not serving basic girl energy because they’re stuffed with cheese and heavy cream and that’s absolutely hot. Toki also makes delish grilled shish tawouk and a selection of fried chicken tenders for their kids menu.  

Toki will ruin regular chicken for you 

Chicken, however, isn’t the only thing on their menu. They also dabble in the realm of soups, making hearty mushroom soups that will go hand in hand with their stuffed chicken.   Toki is situated in Maadi on Street 263. To place your orders, you can contact them on +2 0111 666 9171.


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