We Made Food Bloggers Try Weird Corn Flavours from Corn Craze and This Is What Happened

This is not your average dora mashweya...

We invited food bloggers Ramy Soliman, Omar Shabrawy and Cairo Foodie Couple (AKA Shahan and Melise Terzibashian) to our office to give Corn Craze a try, and oh my, it was an experience. If you don't know what Corn Craze is, let us enlighten you a bit. The new spot is a bit of an upgrade from your average dora mashweya that you can find on the streets of Egypt. From corn with Cheetos and Doritos, to deep fried and crispy corn, our foodies give Corn Craze’s wacky creations a try.

You can follow their food adventures on Instagram via clicking their names: @ramysoli, @cairofoodiecouple, and @omarsfood.