Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Sink Your Teeth Into Egypt's Historic Fast Food Chains

These fast food chains have not only offered convenient dining options but have also become an essential aspect of Egypt's city life.

Hassan Tarek

Fast food chains have become a beloved fixture in Egypt's urban landscape, but their roots go deeper than you might think. This journey begins in the 1970s, a decade marked by dramatic change and economic reform. President Anwar Sadat's Infitah policy of 1973 opened Egypt's doors to foreign investment and new business ventures, reshaping the nation's culinary scene forever.

The liberalisation efforts didn't just attract international giants; they also spurred the creation of innovative homegrown brands. These pioneering fast food chains provided a convenient and exciting way to enjoy meals, blending traditional Egyptian flavours with the fast-paced rhythm of modern life.

With boycotts and economic pressures reshaping regional dynamics, it's a perfect time to revisit the origins of our local fast food culture. Here are seven with unique stories.

Abu Shakra

Established in 1947, Abou Shakra predates the economic reforms of the 1970s but has evolved alongside Egypt’s culinary scene. Starting as a small family-owned eatery, it gained a reputation for serving some of the finest grilled meats in Egypt. Known for its high-quality kebabs, kofta, and a variety of other meat dishes, Abou Shakra’s commitment to tradition and excellence has allowed it to thrive for decades, becoming synonymous with authentic Egyptian dining. 


Gad, established in 1969, remains a cornerstone in Egypt’s fast food history. Emerging during a transformative era, Gad quickly became a staple with its array of traditional Egyptian dishes. From hearty breakfasts of ful and ta’meya to an extensive menu of sandwiches, grilled meats, and fresh salads, Gad's commitment to quality and traditional flavours has made it a beloved brand. The chain's significant expansion, with numerous branches across the country, underscores its role in providing an authentic taste of Egypt to both locals and tourists. 

Ezz El Menoufy

Founded in 1976 by Hajj Ezz El-Menoufy in Cairo's Dokki area, Ezz El Menoufy epitomises the blend of tradition and innovation. Initially focusing on liver and sausage sandwiches, the brand quickly gained a loyal following due to its commitment to authentic taste and quality. As it expanded across Cairo and Giza, Ezz El Menoufy maintained its dedication to traditional Egyptian fast food, offering a nostalgic taste that continues to resonate with customers. 

Cook Door

Founded in 1988, Cook Door was among the first to introduce innovative fast food concepts to Egypt. During a time when the market was opening up to new influences, Cook Door blended international fast food ideas with local flavours, creating a unique menu that quickly resonated with customers. From classic burgers to distinctive seafood sandwiches, Cook Door's diverse offerings have made it a household name for decades, reflecting the evolving tastes of Egyptian consumers. 


Also established in 1988, Mo'men began as a modest sandwich shop amidst the backdrop of Egypt's economic liberalisation. It soon expanded into a major player in the fast food market, known for its wide range of sandwiches, burgers, and Egyptian dishes. Mo'men’s success lies in its dedication to quality and its innovative use of local ingredients, which have earned it a loyal customer base and a prominent place in Egypt's culinary landscape. 

Smiley’s Grill

Smiley’s Grill, best known for its innovative 'pizza hot dog' sandwich, was founded by Emad Anwar and opened its first location in Heliopolis’ Safir Square in 1988. Over the years, this family-owned establishment gained popularity, leading to its expansion across multiple districts in Cairo before heading to the North Coast in the summer of 2019. 


Emerging in the early 1990s, Arabiata brought a new twist to traditional Egyptian cuisine. Specialising in dishes like falafel and ful, Arabiata combined the speed and convenience of fast food with rich, authentic flavours. Its ability to deliver traditional Egyptian street food in a fast food format captured the hearts of many, securing its place as a beloved chain during a period of significant cultural and economic change. 

El Rifae

El Rifae’s journey began in the bustling streets of Alexandria, reflecting the vibrant culinary traditions of Egypt’s coastal city. Known for its wide variety of street food, El Rifae became a staple for locals and visitors alike. The chain's success can be attributed to its delicious offerings like liver and sausage sandwiches, prepared with traditional spices and cooking techniques that celebrate Egypt’s rich culinary heritage. Over the years, El Rifae has expanded its presence, establishing itself as a beloved brand across the nation. 

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