Saturday July 13th, 2024
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The Best Chocolates to Buy Your Loved One This Valentine's

Forget the luxury retreats and fluffy teddy bears, chocolate is our Roman empire.

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For long-term couples, skittish first-daters and strong single gals alike, Valentine’s Day comes with a certain amount of unavoidable frenzy. What to do? What to say? Most importantly, what to gift? The questions are endless. However, at the end of the day, the Egyptian proverb explaining that the closest way to someone’s heart is their stomach, seems to be true here - especially when it comes to a certain lovey dovey cocoa treat.

To save you time (which you don't have, it's already the 9th), we've reached out to some of Egypt's best chocolatiers to find out what gourmet V-day chocolate assortments they've got in store.


Branches all over Egypt  A cornerstone in the world of chocolate and gift-giving, Patchi is a mindless classic - and for good reason, the brand has got chocolate-making down to an art, playing around with an endless array of flavours, colours and assortments.


Leven Square, New Cairo 

Artisanal truffles, pralines and confectionaries (in adorable shapes, colours and aptly fiery packages) that melt on your tongue & have your heart in a puddle have been brought your way by the coveted Lebanese chocolatier.


Branches all over Cairo 

Nothing gets an artist weak in the knees like a head-to-head with vibrant abstract art, which makes Moko’s chocolate boxes a perfect fit for all our strong-headed painters & stubborn thinkers. For a more occasion-oriented treat, you can profess your love (25 little times) with the brand’s embellished Valentine’s box, approved by none other than Cleopatra & Antony.

House of Cocoa 

Branches all over Egypt 

House of Cocoa, aka the main culprit behind our addiction to molten cakes, is introducing mega chocolate ‘Love Edition’ bars in three sumptuous flavours; salted caramel, milk chocolate and pink-infused chocolate.


Delivery all over Cairo

Headed by official members of the Belgian Chocolatiers Guild, Fleur’s Valentine’s chocolates fall nothing short of extraordinary. This year, the brand is telling a love story in cocoa (Fleur’s version), with a jaw-dropping collection of treats. From heart-shaped Belgian chocolate lollipops, to their signature Story of Love box, to their gold-encrusted (yes, real gold) hearts, to their hot chocolate heart spoons and many more - Fleur is sure to give your Valentine that extra romantic flair.


Park St, Sheikh Zayed & Mall of Arabia, First 6th of October

Fully in accordance with Willy Wonka’s wonderland, Wunder handcrafts assorted Belgian chocolate treats that would have even Alice in a haze. A wide range of bars, assorted Belgian cubes, delightful truffles or their box of heart-shaped Valentine’s specials are perfect for the occasion.

Mr Baker 

Branches all over Egypt 

Lashes and diamonds, glossy lip-shaped Belgian chocolate treats. That’ll be all! 


Misr Al Mahrousa Mall, 5th settlement 

For those looking to live out their fairytale fever dreams, Despacito's dark chocolate delicacies come in different flavours and nuts mixes. We don’t know about you, but we will be feasting on one of their boxes as we rewatch Bridget Jones’ Diary for the 14th time.


Delivers all over Cairo

Certified sweetheart spot Amaretti is simply too sweet to abstain from Valentine's fun. Our days of drooling over their display of adorable mini chocolate bonbons as we get lost in the beauty of their pastries are finally over now that we have the perfect excuse to indulge in their trés mignonne Belgian treats, raspberry-, pistachio-, Lotus- or coffee-filled.


Branches all over Egypt

Nothing says passion & class like a box of chocolates from cocoa landmarks Passionelle. The chocolatiers sponsoring the best years of our parents’ marriages (and perhaps the only thing that held them together), Passionelle boasts an elegant assortment of 6-, 13- and 25-piece gold-wrapped chocolate boxes you’d want to decorate your dining table with for months.


Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

All the way from the lands of exorbitant love, the UAE & Saudi, Bateel brings a Pretty Woman type of energy to the chocolate-on-Valentine’s scene. Put together an assortment of elegantly sorted, deliciously chocolate-enrobed ganaches, marzipans, pralines, dates, truffles and more - superfood for your super love. You could even add in a few stuffed dates from the store’s elite collection to switch things up.


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