Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Where to Find the Best Carrot Cake in Egypt

10 carrot cakes to boost your eyesight (source: ancient Egyptian proverb).

Layla Raik

Following the publishing of our guide to Cairo’s Coolest Cakes, we got to pondering what makes a cake… a cake. Ever since, we’ve been stuck in a philosophical vortex between chocolate fudges and spring mango tarts, trying to hunt down which cake shop makes which cake best. It was then that we were reminded of one of the most controversial cakes in the cake universe: the carrot cake.

Rumoured as a healthy alternative to the usual cake, carrot cakes have long held a soft spot in our hearts. Which is why we compiled this guide to the best carrot cakes across the country (some of which really are healthy, but for the most part, well… who are we kidding. We need butter cream).

The Carrot Co. | Delivery all over Cairo

For every occasion - every birthday, graduation or anniversary - The Carrot Co. bases its cake design on a strong base of carrot cake.

Koffee Kulture | Golf Central Mall & Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zeyad

Carrot cake? We’re thinking more along the lines of Karrot Kake. Coffee spot Koffee Kulture (AKA spelling teachers’ worst nightmare) makes carrot cakes as delicious as its drinks.

Cake Café | Branches all over Cairo

When it comes to cake, Cake Café is, naturally, a pioneer. All types of cake, including carrot cake, of course, flourish here.

KB’s Cake Studio | Branches all over Cairo

Decorated by tiny buttercream carrots and a hefty layer of frosting, KB’s carrot cake is the perfect balance between light and creamy. It’s also one of our favourites when planning office birthdays.

Four Fat Ladies | Street 218, Maadi

Be it mini or in its full size (and glory), the Four Fat Ladies’ carrot cake is the perfect light treat for on-the-go munching.

Bouchée | Baghdad St., Korba

An unassuming cube at first sight, Bouchée’s carrot cake comes wrapped in a light layer of white chocolate, decorated with walnuts and topped with a light drizzle of cinnamon.

Brunch & Cake | Lake House the Club, New Cairo & Park St., Sheikh Zayed

The perfect time for cake (besides, like, all the time) is brunch time. So it’s only sensible Brunch & Cake’s carrot cake is so delicious.

Beano’s | Branches all over Egypt

Thanks to it being our informal home on work-from-home days, we’ve exhausted the Beano’s menu over countless branches. Their carrot cake consistently never disappoints.

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