Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Where to Get Your Ramadan Drinks this Year - A SceneEats Guide

Only five minutes to Maghrib and you forgot about drinks? We got you.

Layla Raik

It might be the year of strange desserts (as is every year as of recent), but when it comes to our traditional Ramadan drinks, we’re a bit less accepting of change. A classic sobia with your stuffed vine leaves, or a karkade with your macaroni bachamel, makes gatherings around the dining table in Ramadan so distinctly special. And yet, someone always forgets to bring juice.

It’s Friday, and because we know almost everyone has a family gathering planned today, we’ve compiled this guide to Ramadan juices in Cairo to keep you on your hydration game…

Farghaly | Branches all over Cairo

Farghaly is one of the most notorious juicers around - and its reputation for making sobia that is just the right amount of coconut and karkade has made it all the way from Dokki to Mokattam.

B Laban | Branches all over Egypt

Now, we know you might struggle to trust B Laban to make regular, classic juices without putting any of their twists on them, but let’s face it, those twists are exactly what you’re looking for. Sobia Keshta, strawberry yoghurt, mango and the classics await.

El A’elat | Branches all over Cairo

The obvious choice, and one we can find virtually anywhere. El A’elat is a tried and true classic when it comes to Ramadan juices to bring to family gatherings.

Lychee | Branches all over Cairo

The elevated local juice bar boasts a broader selection that comes in two sizes; a litre bottle, and 330 ml. You’ll find everything from doum to tamarind, karkade and sobia in its classic Lychee goodness, made entirely out of natural ingredients.

El Qobaisy | Branches all over Cairo

When it comes to juice, El Qobaisy comes armed with years of experience. Their Mohandessin branch is one we particularly love, and it is worth the wait in line.

Momochi | Branches all over Cairo

To the boba lovers who can’t resist a drink that doubles as a snack, Momochi makes Ramadan-flavoured boba drinks you can sip/munch on during that post-Iftar digestive walk. Think sobia and berry karkade but with a tapioca twist.

City Drink | Branches all over Cairo

If Cairo were on the verge of drying out, there would be enough City Drinks to hydrate the city. The juicer is on every other street, crafting kharoub and tamarind you can count on.

El Rahmani | Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo

Since 1920, El Rahmani has been committed to providing the residents of Sayeda Zeinab with sobia every Ramadan. As one of the oldest in the game, the long-standing juicer is a must-have at some point during the holy month.

Glow | Delivery all over Cairo

The juice and healthy food shop has a range of Ramadan drinks, offered in litre bottles. Choose between classics like kharoub, doum, liquorice, sobia, or an exciting strawberry karkade. Glow also has a selection of Ramadan desserts, including jars of qamar el din, and walnuts & date mousses, in addition to a host of Konafa parfaits.

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