Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Canard Doré: The All-Egyptian Cloud Kitchen Specialising in Foie Gras

With a lifetime dedication to agriculture, Khaled Tantawy set sail on a new culinary horizon, making foie gras of the highest standard.

Hassan Tarek

Khaled Tantawy has always been a man of agriculture. With a lifetime dedicated to farming traditional crops like mangoes and other fruits, he was instrumental in introducing mushroom cultivation to Egypt 40 years ago. Now, he has ventured into the culinary arts with Canard Doré, a cloud kitchen specialising in foie gras delivered directly to customers' homes. For him, this endeavour is a revival of an ancient Egyptian tradition that he claims the French later adopted and popularised. This is the story of Canard Doré.

The journey to perfecting foie gras was not without its hurdles. "One of the earliest challenges we faced was getting the liver to the right size," Tantawy recalls. It took six arduous months to reach even half of the desired weight. Despite the help of a French chef friend who provided the basics, Tantawy's goal was self-sufficiency. Determined to master the craft, he travelled to France, immersing himself in a world of culinary secrets and unforeseen challenges. Course cancellations, credit card issues, and a devastating flu epidemic that shuttered farms were just some of the obstacles he encountered.

Undeterred, Tantawy sought knowledge from individual chefs, finding guidance in the kitchen of a French family—a man, his wife, and his mother—who opened their doors and their hearts to him. With their mentorship, he acquired the nuanced skills needed to create foie gras of exceptional quality. Armed with this newfound expertise, he returned to Egypt, ready to infuse his creation with the authenticity and precision he had learned.

Everything about the operation is self-sufficient. Tantawy raises his ducks on his farm in Sharkeya, and the machinery and tools are crafted by Egyptian hands. Orders are placed through Instagram, with details finalised on WhatsApp, ensuring a direct connection between the creator and the consumer. This B2C (Business to Consumer) model eliminates the middlemen, allowing Canard Doré to maintain a personal touch and a high standard of quality.

The process is meticulous, with every order taking two to three days to deliver in a measure that guarantees freshness. Customers can opt for frozen, uncooked liver, giving them the freedom to cook it to their liking. This approach has resonated deeply with their clientele. Tantawy’s son, still in college, works closely with him, handling cooking, marketing, and preserving the cherished tradition of family cooperation.

Tantawy's dedication to his craft is unwavering. "I refuse to settle for anything less than perfect," he states with quiet conviction. Listening to customers is a core aspect of his process, allowing him to continually refine and adjust his methods. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with accolades coming from all quarters, including a French couple in Cairo who couldn't contain their delight over their delivery.

The biggest challenge, Tantawy admits, was mastering the intricate details of foie gras production—the type of duck, the age, and countless other factors that influence the final product. Yet, it is these very challenges that have fueled his relentless pursuit of


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