Saturday April 13th, 2024
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GOAT Espresso: A Family's Brew of Tradition and Dedication

Amidst economic challenges, Samir Abbas met the demand for affordable, high-quality espresso in Egypt, establishing his own coffee-making factory.

Hassan Tarek

In the world of coffee, competition can be fierce. It seems every street in Egypt has the winning cup of joe, or so the owners will have you believe. Yet, amid the burgeoning coffee culture, only a few places have been able to crack the code on how to craft and sell the winning espresso capsule. Enter, GOAT Espresso.

Samir Abbas, the driving force behind GOAT Espresso, is no stranger to the business world. With a pharmaceutical background as Pfizer's Middle East and Africa Marketing Manager, his journey into the coffee industry began with a passion for espresso. Recognizing the demand for affordable high-quality espresso capsules in Egypt, especially amidst economic challenges, Samir embarked on the ambitious journey to establish his own factory in Banha Industrial Investment Zone.

The road to realisation was far from easy, with years spent navigating challenges. In November 2023, the dream began to materialise as the machines and equipment arrived. Months of meticulous trial runs and product perfection followed, culminating in the grand launch of GOAT Espresso in January 2024.

What sets GOAT Espresso apart is not just the rich flavour of their coffee but the familial touch embedded in every aspect of the business. "We're a family all working together," Allaa Samir, Samir's daughter and the marketing powerhouse of the company, tells SceneEats. “We’re all involved in some way or another. My brother created our website, I manage marketing and PR, and my sister handles our business development.”

Over 100 orders poured in during their inaugural month, surpassing initial expectations. Friends, family, and customers alike showered them with positive feedback. Encouraged by this success, GOAT Espresso envisions expansive growth, both within Egypt and beyond its borders, including the introduction of new coffee lines, premium-quality beans, various flavours, and even exploring the realm of decaf. With dreams of global reach, they are already selling their product on Amazon as well as finalising distribution through Fengany and Botit, in addition to their virtual storefront.


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