Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Online Shop Healthy Deeds is Doing Good to Our Bodies

Sugar and gluten free treats? This shop is the sustenance samaritan doing our guts justice.

Layla Raik

The season of ‘sun’s out, guns out’, summer bods and everything cropped (even hoodies) is almost upon us. And if you’re a winter hibernator like yours truly, you’ve been chomping down a year’s worth of halawa, hawawshi, or simply anything BDS-friendly and sweet-tooth satisfying. This approach most definitely does not bode well for our non-trivial “hot girl summer” fantasies. And so, concessions must be made - a feat I can only imagine accomplishing with the help of online shop Healthy Deeds.

The premise of Healthy Deeds is that whatever you do, you must do healthily - specifically, without sugar and gluten. As many conscious eaters and new-wave nutritionists have recently expressed, these two components hold a central place in the diets of many. For example, they make all the difference in the overall health of people with insulin resistance and PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome), who are advised to avoid specifically what have been dubbed the “white poisons” of food.The total nerds among us who actually listen to their doctors have, as a result, struggled to enjoy the simple luxury of a sweet treat after a nutritious lunch. Whatever concoction we attempt to put together in our kitchen usually calls for the inclusion of one of the white poisons, and is rendered unrecognisable without it. Thankfully, Healthy Deeds has mastered the art of health-conscious baking, meaning that even those of us who struggle digesting most of what’s on the market can, at last, have dessert.

Healthy Deeds’ dessert menu is seasonal and classic at once. Everything from good ol’ mini oatmeal cookies to zesty lemon cupcakes is yours for the taking. Their coconut-flake-covered power bites swerve right past the usual sugar rush (and subsequent crash), and instead actually energise you. If you’re a committed sweet-tooth, you could instead get the shop’s Healthy Bundle, which includes an assortment of bestselling Deeds, and keep a healthy stock in your pantry all week long.

Besides dessert, Healthy Deeds also dishes out an assortment of healthy juices that serve a variety of purposes. The iron booster shot is a quick pick-me-up for those of us choosing to power through their period this month, and a refresher for people with anaemia, while their super green detox juice serves as a real-life undo button for when we, inevitably, slip up and accidentally gobble a fried chicken sandwich.

The desserts and drinks of Healthy Deeds can be purchased online or by messaging 0127 6677773 on WhatsApp.


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