We all have that one desire to get in shape and stay healthy. But desiring something doesn't necessarily mean you'll accomplish it. In reality, it's a lot harder than it sounds. We work out sometimes, eat a little healthier and even try to lay off the junk food. But there is always that one dish that lingers at the back of your head and makes you forget all about eating healthier. A dish so freakin' sexy that it makes you break that diet without thinking twice about it cause you're too busy chewing. 

In this article, I've listed down all the dishes that were honestly worth me ruining my diet. Something tells me you'll also feel the same. 

Doom Waffle from Mr.Waffle


Three layers of waffles, separated by white chocolate, covered in Nutella and topped with M&Ms. It's the doom of all dietary plans. 

Rib Eye Steak from La Roca Restaurant

The Rib-eye steak from La Roca goes a long way in showing that the prettiest things in life come in pairs.

Spicy Marimo Crunch from Cheese Lava

This beastly fried chicken burger is going to smudge your face with love as you try to take bigger and bigger bites.

Pizza Cake from Vinnys Pizzeria

There are only a few things on this planet that can be compared with the satisfaction of taking your first slice of this calorie-filled pizza cake. 

Eeish W Gebna from Eeish W Gebna

Burger that comes topped with crackling beef bacon, a warm cheese filled, crusted bun that you gently squeeze to unleash a delicious waterfall of melting cheese that covers both your burger and your fries. You could always skip leg day to have that.

 Japanese Cheese Cake from Fluffy Cake

From all the tempting and appetizing snacks out their, this fluffy Japanese cake is by far the most satisfying to look at.

Dry-Aged Striploin Steak from Lucca Steakhouse


A juicy medium dry-aged strip loin that will make you feel like Jon Travolta and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

Salted Caramel Cake from Bocca

Imagine slowly cutting this salted caramel cake. Taking a bite will be the easiest decision you will ever make.   

Chocolate Bomb from House of Cocoa

We've all seen the mouth-watering video of the chocolate ball that gets melted by chocolate, only to uncover ice cream underneath. And we would all jump on our first chance to try it.