You probably bore witness to an endless conglomerate of people blissfully treading Nasr City’s streets on the hunt for a late night hunger pang remedy, and in that realisation, began scouring the internet for an answer to the hype. If you’re also anything like us then your food-ridden Tik Tok ‘for you page’ has also led you down a similar rabbit hole and further anguished your already insatiable desire to find out about the local mystery food joint.

Animated obsession considered, we’ve taken to our food centric think tanks to unravel the mystery that is ‘Happy Panda’. Wedged between two buildings amidst Nasr City’s ‘El Hadika El Dawleya’, is the quaint Chinese eatery taking the internet food scene by storm. With a - strikingly high profile - panda masqueraded as a chef mascot and an equally compelling banner, ‘Happy Panda’ urges customers to channel a bygone era and succumb to the whimsicality of childlike innocence.

Serving up an array of succulent delicacies, ‘Happy Panda’s menu challenges adventurous eaters to resist the urge to order everything in sight. From traditional platefuls of spicy cucumber salads to tofu doused in colourful shades of spices and an inexhaustible collection of noodles; every dish wills you to embark on a new experience.  If your - briefly mentioned above - late night hunger pangs - necessitate an assortment of comfort foods, then fret not, ‘Happy Panda’ offers boneless spicy fried chicken enveloped in with Szechuan peppers to curb those cravings. To wash down the influx of spices, be sure to give their signature bowl of soup dumplings a go.

To try out their foods, visit their Nasr city location, or book a table by calling them on 01143868826.