Cast your mind to the countless midnights where the clock strikes ‘an untimely hour for take out’ post another insufferable day at the office. At those precise moments, you’re not looking to graze on another batch of slightly out of date cucumbers nor are cold leftovers speaking to you; all your subconscious truly craves - in that moment of emotional disorientation - is an ooey gooey slice (or box) of pizza.

And we’re not talking watered-down - albeit authentic - barely baked pizza, we’re referring to the loaded likes of obscure street pizzas lining the pavements of New York City’s streets. We’re flat-out meaning the cheese pull and sauce to crust ratio, ultimately ensuring that no calorific bite is left unaccounted for. We need the crisp first bite, the slightly charred edges and Sheikh Zayed’s ‘Dough Nation’.

Hidden amidst Mall 4’s countless crevices, the Italian pizzeria serves everything from the cult classic ‘Bufalina’ to cultural ‘Rumi cheese’ concoctions and western twists including a hearty ‘Cheeseburger’ variation. With a menu erupting in various mouth-watering recipes, what truly sets ‘Dough Nation’ apart is their range of folded pizzas. Yes, a dense, crescent shaped pizza stuffed to the brim with whatever your grease encrusted heart (pun intended) desires. To wrap up your carb-loaded night, be sure to give their ‘Nutella’ pizza a try.

To (Dough)nate to your late night cravings, head over to their Beverly Hills location, or call them on 01551660851 or 01002077884.