Saturday July 13th, 2024
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District 5’s Kippis Crafts Customisable Sparkling Mocktails

This beverage lab has the Cairo drink scene shaken – and has us stirred.

Catherine Johnson

Forget the coffeeshops that can’t figure out your name and the deliveries that call twenty times to ask if you’ll be where you say you are. There’s something about ordering a drink made just for you that can make you feel seen. That, my friends, is the power of a custom mocktail from Kippis. Meet the newly opened sparkling beverage lab that is raising the bar for this summer’s refreshing drinks.

The fun of a trip to Kippis starts well before your first sip. After all, personalised drinks require personal questions (how do you feel about citrus? Say more…), and honestly we’re here for it. The Kippis bar is stocked with shrubs, syrups, and cordials – and these locally sourced, all-natural ingredients that are not only scrumptious, but a great reminder that staying away from fake nonsense makes everything sweeter. For some extra bubbly zing, Kippis tops their mocktails with UGO, Hype and Twist energy drinks.

The mixologists at Kippis know how to combine these delectable flavours for fantastic results. Gleaming copper shakers, strainers, muddlers and more are put to use crafting creations like the Maui Wowie, which features orange shrub, lemon cordial, grapefruit juice, and the kick of a lemon UGO energy drink. That’s finished off with a fresh little slice of grapefruit, a gorgeous garnish for a delicious drink.

But if grapefruit isn’t your thing, don’t fret. Your drink will not be doomed to a boring, garnish-less existence. Kippis has a wide range of toppings ready to spice up whatever you order. Does your mocktail come with mint? Try swapping in basil. Is preserved citrus too basic? Maybe ask for some dried apple instead. Kippis has trimmings galore to dazzle up your drink. And for a little extra texture, you can even add jelly orbs to your bubbly beverage. These fixings are sure to turn heads and tantalise taste buds, so go crazy with the customisation.

Ok, it feels important to point out that just because you can make substitutions at Kippis doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to. They’ve got the tasty twisted tonics thing down. The Kippis menu boasts drinks that are as bold and tasteful as the bar’s funky branding. There’s Sobia Colada, a coconut-y mocktail that keeps your heart in Egypt and your head in the tropics. Or how about the Ginger Stinger, which combines cinnamon, ginger and lemon with a hit of Hype energy drink and tops itself off with a beautiful dried orange slice. With so many fantastic options to choose from, there’s no doubt about it – Kippis will keep us sipping all summer long.

To try your own Kippis mocktail, head to District 5. This beverage lab is open from 9AM–1AM, giving you plenty of time to say “Kippis!” (which, as we all know, is Finnish for “Cheers”).


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