Saturday May 18th, 2024
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From Tahini Molases ice cream, to chocolate lanterns, these are the desserts ruining our summer bodies. Sigh.

Staff Writer

This year's list of Egypt's most creative Ramadan desserts proves that our Ramafusions are only getting more ambitious, adventurous and, often, just plain crazier. This annual Ramadan dessert war has become as essential part of the Holy Month as mosalsalat, kheimas and enduring Iftar at Tant Sawsan's house, as Egypt's restaurants, cafes, bakeries and pattiseries put their own spins on classic sweet treats. Without further ado, here are our favourite twenty...

Strawberry Cheese Kunafa (Voila)

The humble kunafa has long been the go-to test subject for chefs and bakers, with some experiments fairing better than others. Thankfully, Voila ever so kindly replaced the usual mango twist with another fruit: strawberry. Simple but delicious.

Price: EGP 350
Contact: 0102 974 4297

Eish Saraya Tart (Voila)

Eish Saraya is a sinfully delicious Oriental classic on its own and so when we heard it was to be fused with European staple, the tart, a sense of national pride that we didn't know exists suddenly flared up. Purists might turn their noses up, but this looks absolutely delicious. 

Price: EGP 350
Contact: 0102 974 4297

Black Forest Basbousa (Voila)

A known go-to for any chocolate lover, the Black Forest cake is getting a Ramavamp this year, with the added extra of basbousa on top. Too much sugar? Maybe. Insatiably alluring? Hell yes.

EGP 290
Contact: 0102 974 4297

Turkish Coffee Ice Cream (Stavolta)

Coffee ice cream tastes insanely good. Add the flavorful aromatics of Turkish coffee, however, and you've got yourself a wildly complex ice cream flavour any coffee-holic would gladly die for. 

Price: EGP 25
Contact: 02 25210065

Tahini with Molasses Ice Cream(Stavolta)

Where do we start with this? Actually we won't. We're just totally here for any Egyptian-dessert-turned-ice-cream and this combination of sweet and creamy, sticky and smooth is just...mmmm.

EGP 25
Contact: 02-25210065

Othmanleya Ice Cream (Stavolta)

Let's make this clear. The Ottomans have a, let's call it, questionable history, but one thing they got right was Kunafa Othmanleya. Nola seems to share this insight knows this, having unleashed this work of art.

EGP 25
Contact: 02-25210065

Kammar El Din Ice Cream (Stavolta)

It doesn't get anymore Ramadan-y than Kamamr El Din, so it was inevitable that the festive apricot nectar treat would find its way into a dessert - which it has with a Stavolta ice cream that should serve as a nice, clean pallet cleanser, basically the diet coke of this list - relatively speaking of course.     

Price: EGP 25
Contact: 02-25210065

Basbousa Truffles (O'bites)

There's Truffles, and there's basbousa, and then, there's Basbousa Truffles. If by any possible means you're into our dearly beloved home girl, Basbusa, encapsulated in a ball of sugar, then this is it, this is your moment.

EGP 120
Contact: @OBitesEG

Microwave Kunafa Nabulsia (Nola)

Is it a pizza? Is it a pie? No, it's a deconstructed Nabulsia, duh. Showing that it has more in its repertoire than cupcakes, Nola has put this little number together to ensure that you'll be having the most colourful of nightmares after eating it - because cheese gives you nightmares, apparently.

Price: EGP 245
Contact: 02-33336860

 S'More Kunafa (Nola)

Nola’s S'more Kunafa, otherwise known as the give-me-more Kunafa, features our favourite Ramadan dessert staple, topped with a generous amount of that sweet molten marshmallow lava that will leave you singing under my marshmallow-allow-allow.

Price: EGP 240
Contact: 02-33336860 

Salted Caramel Corn Crunch Kunafa (Nola)

This criminally delicious treat features a layer of Kunafa, topped with sweet-and-salty sprinkling of caramel popcorn and an extra layer of caramel just for, well, it’s caramel – it needs no explanation.

Price: EGP 240
Contact: 02-33336860

 Tiramisu Kunafa (House of Cocoa)

House of Cocoa are giving the Italian dessert classic an Ibn Balad make over,  infusing a layer of kunafa between those oh-so-yummy tiramisu layers, because, when in Rome-adan...
Price: EGP 210
Contact: 02-24181148

Chocolate Lantern (House of Cocoa)

Here at Scene, we've come across many chocolaty creations throughout our long-lived digital presence, but an edible chocolate lantern we have not. This adorable Ramadan lantern, constructed out of House of Cocoa's yummy-in-the-tummy chocolate blend, will have you singing 7alo ya 7alo as you munch away.   

Price: EGP 53
Contact: 02-24181148 


Basbousa Kunafa with Salted Caramel and Coconut 
(Four Fat Ladies)

Ok, so we might have let our inner poet ramble on and on about the Salted Caramel Corn Kunafa situation, but this marvelous creation from the infamous Four Fat Ladies is just as worthy of food poetry. You have kunafa, basbousa, buttered salted caramel, coconut shavings and walnuts. Yes, yes, yes.

Price: EGP 290
Contact: 02-27369087 

Kunafa Khushaf (Etoile)

Historically speaking, Khushaf has always been the black sheep of Ramadan desserts, probably due to its weird name, texture and its overly-imposing snobbish attitude of being the slightly healthier dessert alternative. But gurrrl, who cares for healthy anyway? It's Ramadan and you're already here reading this list, so lean in to it. By pairing Khushaf and Kunafa together, Etoile has done something ingenious in making Khushaf equally unhealthy as its Kunafa counterpart. Good job.

Price: EGP 175
Contact: 16312 

Kunafa Karkade (Etoile)

We can't quite fathom or put this one into words. Karkade jelly? Yes, oh god yes. Throw in kunafa and cream, and you have a texture party in your mouth. And who doesn't love a party in their mouth?

Price: EGP 170
Contact: 16312

 Ramadan Platter (Cinnabon)

Cinnabon is back this year with a Ramadan-ised version of its notorious Cinnamon Bites. This limited edition Ramadan Platter features Cinabbon's infamous classics, but with Kunafa, Basbusa and honey-pistachio. While they might seem tiny, don't be fooled. These cute guys are guaranteed to explode in flavor once you guzzle them down.

Price: EGP 190
Contact: 16312

Kunafa Chocolate Ball (Brew & Chew)

By now it's a pretty established fact that Kunafa and chocolate make a pretty solid combo. Something about this dessert, however, feels extra special. What's in the ball? WHAT'S IN THE BALL? For those of you too young to have seen it, that's a reference from 1995 thriller, Se7en, starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey. Look it up.

Price: EGP 75
Contact: 16312

Basmoula (TBS)

Dubbed by TBS as the first Egyptian Syrian Dessert innovation, the Basmoula is single-handedly building international ties as we speak. A mix between the Egyptian Basbusa and the Syrian Maamoul, this dessert fusion is next on our wish list for things to devour this Ramadan. 

EGP 250
Contact: 16312

Kunafa Ferro Rocher with Icecream (Sultana)

Last but not least, Sultana's latest Ramadan creation, the Kunafa Ferrero Rocher, might just be what dessert perfection looks like. From its Nutella ice cream centre and rows of perfectly placed Kunafa rolls, to the Ferrero Rocher crown in a pool of chocolate and freshly roasted nuts. This is absolutely insane, and we love it.

Price: EGP 350
Contact: 01000139620


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