Saturday July 13th, 2024
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EXCLUSIVE: Pao is Now in New Cairo’s District 5

More pearls? In this economy?

Fatafeet El-Share

This is SceneEats correspondent Fatafeet El-Share' reporting live from District 5, where once again, I am clutching my pearls (boba pun intended) in fear of spilling caramel sauce all over my newly-bought ‘North Face’ puffer. 

Before I delve into an essay long preliminary tale about how I landed myself on the ‘cold drink in winter’ side of the venn diagram, I need to preface everything with the NEWS, what you came here to CONSUME - yes, PAO is now open District 5. 

Now that I’ve ticked all my journalistic text boxes and ensured all the juicy tidbits you so eagerly desire are disclosed within the first few seconds, I can now dive (big phat straw first) into what led me to see past my misled hot cocoa ways. T’was a cold winter’s day, queues surrounding melted milk chocolate concoctions were far too long for my ‘So Kate’ wearing self to tread and anything lactose-free felt like every other watered-down relationship in my life. 

I longed for something greater, something genre-bending (Scene Noise rakezo) that can interweave my innate love for chewing on straws with sugar comas that taste like taro. I naturally landed in boba’s lap (get your mind out of the tapioca gutters) and ultimately decided that true winter girlies ‘cold drink’ all year round. 

Chile…anyways, PAO has a new cute spot. If you end up going hit us up, and if you end up converting, email me, there’s a CDWG (Cold Drinks in Winter Girlies) meeting every Sunday we can send you an invite to. 

Ma’a El Salama, 

Fatafeet El Share’.


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