Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Gazan Restaurant Hay Al-Rimal Opens A Second Branch in Nasr City

The restaurant’s delectable Palestinian shawarma is more available than ever.

Layla Raik

After their restaurant was destroyed as a result of the ongoing genocide in Gaza, the founders of shawarma restaurant, Hay Al-Rimal, immediately earned the love of Cairene foodies with their Ezbet El-Nakhl restaurant. To make their delectable Palestinian shawarma available to even more ravenous Cairo foodies, the restaurant opened a second branch in Nasr City.

Named after the Al-Rimal neighbourhood in Gaza city, the restaurant serves traditional Palestinian shawarma sandwiches and fatteh, drenched in tahini, decorated with pickles, and wrapped in hand-baked bread made the Palestinian way. Everything that goes into Hay Al-Rimal’s dishes, sandwiches, and even their appetisers is entirely made from scratch in-house, according to traditional Palestinian recipes.

The restaurant is now open at 20 Kabul Street, Nasr City.


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