Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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12 Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Dubai

But first, let's take an Insta Story.

Staff Writer

Ahhh, Dubai. The land of gigantic skyscrapers, gorj sand dunes and a restaurant scene that is pretty hard to (b)eat. There's literally, like, a new joint opening up every hot minute, which is exactly why businesses are doing all that they can to make sure that they stand out from the crowd. That often means designing a space that's bound to have a backdrop for that perf #OOTD post, or Insta-worthy food that will make you not want to ever eat. 

Without further adieu, here are our fave spots that will help you up your Insta game in Dubai whilst taking care of your kersh at the same time.


Aside from the fact that this eatery is frequently visited by Fazza, aka the crown prince of Dubai, Atmosphere will make you feel like you're on top of the world. Quite literally. 


Located on Dubai's City Walk, Saya will make you live your best pink life. We mean, how can one resist taking Insta Stories when there's flamingos? 

Bombay Bungalow

You need not pack your suitcase and travel to India anymore because you can just walk up to The Beach Mall. That is obvs where Bombay Bungalow is at in case you didn't realise. 


Mad Tailors

You don't actually have to be a mad tailor to like this place. In fact, that only thing you need to do is be a mad Instagrammer because not only is their interior design game on fleek but their coffee is also yum AF. 

Mama Zonia

Nestled away on the second floor of Pier 7, Mama Zonia will take you to the jungle and back. Except you'll probably want to stay there forever. 

Miss Tess

Located inside the Taj Hotel, Miss Tess looks like something out of 3020 because it serves futuristic kween realness. The out of this world tuktuk is also a plus. 

Café Des Artistes

If you want elegance, this place is going to be serving just that. If you're in the mood to dine like the French, this is the place.  

Bleu Blanc

Run by Michelin-starred chef David Myers, the French farmhouse fare experience starts from the moment you enter Bleu Blanc. We also love an open, wood-fired grill sesh with the sunset over Dubai Water Canal.

Black Tap

This list obvs wouldn't be complete without the iconic burger joint that came all the way from NYC to the UAE to make our Insta lives better.  

Lima City

The fun and vibrancy of Peruvian cuisine is reflected in the décor at this award-winning eatery. Sometimes that's all the content you need from an Insta Story: fun, Peruvian food and award-winning things. 


 Good vibes are the only things you'll find at this UAE dive bar. Well, that and some delish cocktails that serve as the perfect Instagram story. 


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