Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Nude Bakery’s Doughnuts are the Bomb (In More Ways Than One)

Keeping us warm this cuffing season, Nude Bakery’s doughnut bombs just explode with flavour.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Tucked away in New Cairo's District 5, Nude Bakery has been serving up creative pastries and specialty coffees, drawing Cairenes near and far with its luxurious croissants, oversized cookies and artisanal doughnuts. And speaking of doughnuts…

Fluffy, flaked with sugar, and filled to the absolute brim, Nude Bakery has perhaps conjured up the thickest, juiciest doughnuts in all of Cairo. Coming in blueberry cheesecake, ferrero rocher, vanilla cream, pistachio, lemon cream, and more voluptuous variations, Nude Bakery is getting down and dirty in the kitchen, frying up some doughy dreams to keep us company during cuffing season.

Whether enjoyed in the comfort of our beds as we binge watch the latest season of The Crown - and yes, Charles IS the villain - or shared with a close confidant within the comforting confines of the District 5 branch, Nude Bakery’s doughnut bombs are the edible equivalent of a hug that we just might need this winter.

In addition to its signature sweets, Nude Bakery offers light sandwiches perfectly portioned for a midday meal or snack. For those among us wanting a heartier option, giant soft cookies and pretzels form an ideal base to tackle our cravings.

Be it a sweet pick-me-up or hearty savoury snack that’s on your mind, Nude Bakery brings high quality ingredients and unique creations in a welcoming earth-toned space (with a bit of pink here and there), providing just the atmosphere to linger with friends over leisurely coffee or a gossip sesh over a series of treats.


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