A fan-favourite since its first opening in 1970s Egypt, Wimpy has been serving us classic burger goodness for as long as we (or our parents) can remember - until it broke our hearts when all its branches disappeared from Egyptian streets just before the turn of the century. Contrary to our ping-pong-ball exes, though, when Wimpy said they changed they really meant it - holding a grand opening a year ago that has triggered the spawning of all-new branches across the country.

The beloved fast food chain’s latest venture is about to elevate everyone’s Masr El Gedida outings to a whole new level with its two-story design in Heliopolis’ Sheraton neighbourhood. Even better, the new branch comes with a much-needed drive-thru option, to cool down heated car discussions, brighten up those seven-people-in-one-car adventures or satiate our 2 AM burger needs.