Pilates girls and HIIT boys, it’s your time to shine. Summer is not the time to spend your evening weighing chicken thighs and chopping up beetroots to ‘Kris Jenner toss together’ in the morning post your 5 AM run. There’s only room for nocturnal sleep cycles with the occasional stress-inducing realization that your tanning oil is on the verge of extinction.

If any of those sentiments ring true then sandwich hub, Moxy’s, is your new Sahel haven. Based in Telal on Egypt’s North Coast, the hub is home to a slew of flavoursome wraps, salads, and their signature paninis. “Everything is a recipe for us, and those recipes are super important.” Co-founder of Moxy’s, Mohamed El-Shamy, tells SceneEats. “So, the sandwich you get today, is the sandwich you get tomorrow, and the sandwich you’ll get in a month,” he elaborated.

Here’s where things get a tad spicier. Moxy’s draws on those adolescent years, whereby your mum would send you off to a jam-packed day of trigonometry and chemistry classes, with a mayonnaise-ridden tuna petit pain. Hence why, their Tuna Wraps and Salads - which are filled to the brim with romaine lettuce, olives, and vinaigrette dressing - are crowd pleasers. Oh, and their sister company, Ei8ht, provides you with adequate caffeination to keep your fitness freak dreams in action.