If maternal love could morph into culinary creations and co-working spaces could connote more than office chairs and cubicles, they would probably look somewhat like New Cairo’s Pink Blanket Mama. An intangible concept, attempting to ascribe a singular descriptor to Pink Blanket Mama is akin to the rampant generalisations plaguing creative pursuits worldwide. Put simply, Pink Blanket Mama posits itself as an experience. It is not rigidly confined to walled interiors nor is it contaminated by anything remotely stress-inducing. It's a place where you can happily devour novels, reply to 2,365 emails all the while procrastinating with friends over freshly baked goods and oven-baked pizza.

“Pink Blanket Mama is both a reflection of a personal story and a global one at the same time,” Amir Fayo, Founder and CEO of Pink Blanket Mama tells #SceneEats. “My grandmother was one of my caregivers and she never enjoyed the idea of us constantly eating out, so she would smartly see what we like to eat out, learn it and attempt to recreate it at home. While it never tasted the same, it was incomparable in the way it forged so much love and camaraderie amongst us.”

Located in New Cairo’s Garden 8, Pink Blanket Mama boasts cosy interiors interspersed with wall to wall bookshelves, cushioned seating and an open kitchen display showcasing a slew of sugar-glazed concoctions. With a menu devoted to memorable moments and an environment that fosters healthy working habits, Pink Blanket Mama tears through the machinations of lonesome coffee shop dates to deliver a space synonymous with inspiration and creativity.