In the culinary world, little things tread the fine line between gastronomical ventures and simple pleasures as delicately and eloquently as our favourite fast food, fried chicken. Bringing back vivid memories of days spent on your friend’s couch watching SpacePower, weekend family cheat meals that made summers survivable; fried chicken has come to represent more than a good meal, it represents a life well-lived, and occasionally a hangover avoided. From Crispy Hen’s signature Nashville fried chicken to KoKio’s Klassic (pun intended) recipes, this guide gastronomically walks you through the city’s crispiest fried chicken.


Branches all over Cairo

Nothing beats fried chicken like its Korean crossover cousin, which is exactly what KoKio specialises in. Head on over to their cosy Maadi branch for some immaculate garlic fried chicken.

Howlin’ Birds


This Maadi spot has us howlin’ for their terrifically crunchy chicken tenders (or howlin’ nuggies if you’d rather appreciate the little things in life) dipped in spicy honey sauce.

Dirty Byrd

90 St., New Cairo

For the big, the bad and the shamelessly unafraid to get their hands dirty, Dirty Byrd are the sauce and topping connoisseurs evolving the world of fried chicken to fit a neverending plethora of both conventional and experimental tastes. With irresistible main chicks and respective fried chicks, Dirty Byrd is kind of convincing us of the merits of polyamory.

Chickin Worx

Chillout, New Cairo

Sandos, tenders or super saucy slides, Chickin Worx makes up for their spelling in eccentric seasoning and exciting ventures (Worx sauce with your waffle fries, anyone?).

Heart Attack

Branches all over Egypt

Unconventional as it is in light of recent mahshi-related events, Heart Attack is a classic. Their chicken is tender and their fountains flow rich with the cheese of those who’ve come before.


Branches all over Egypt

With enough crunch to drown out your beginning-of-the-year performance anxiety, Chickana is the delicious fried chicken spot taking over the country and, especially after trying their extra cheesy 4-story beast of a sandwich, no one’s complaining.

Pop One

6th October City

Pioneers of the fried chicken shawarma scene, Pop One is pretty much the quirky Flamin’ Hot Cheetos girl of fried chicken, with a literal Broasted Cheetos dish on their menu.

Kansas Fried Chicken

Branches all over Cairo

If your favourite form of the holy treat, fried chicken, is in sandwich form (or very recently, sauce-drenched cup form), Kansas is the spot for you. Their Big Boss sandwich is enough to drive any hangover out the window - and if you manage to get it on a Magic Monday, you’ll get two instead of one!

Zoma Chicken

Point 90, New Cairo

Valuing the fresh taste of diversity, Zoma brings you excellently seasoned fried chicken that employs a wide range of flavours into their sandwiches and dishes.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Branches all over Cairo

Shihlin’s XXL fried chicken is the perfect change for an on-the-go lunch (please give the batates souri a break, please), keeping you company on yet another Maadi walk and satiating post-breakup hunger pangs. Plus, what better combo is there than fried chicken and boba?


Branches all over Cairo

Spinning fried chicken the Levantine way, in a delicious saj or embedded in a scrumptious fatteh, Akleh makes soul-fortifying meals that are both absolutely delectable and vaguely nostalgic.


Branches all over Cairo

Chicken experts since forever, Weinerwald’s fried chicken is always exceptionally seasoned; standing the test of time and countless episodes of munchies.

Chicken & Ribs

Branches all over Cairo

Practically a fusion restaurant with the number of concoctions they bring together, Chicken & Ribs bind so many of our favourites together, including buckets of fried chicken and waffles that serve as the binding ingredient to our next move night-in with friends.

Crispy Hen

Delivers all over New Cairo

The Nashville fried chicken experts are imbuing New Cairo residents with a much needed escape from traditional chicken recipes. The first of their kind in Egypt, Crispy Hen brings the texas-born flavours - spices and unique seasonings included - to Cairene consumers. That being said, you no longer have to - much like your global counterparts - attempt to recreate the TikTok famous dish at home thanks to delivery-based hotspot, Crispy Hen.