You may have seen #foodporn of these Austrian pastries popping up across your Instagram feed. Overflowing with Nutella, ice cream, and Lotus spread, chimney cakes or "Schaumrolle" as the Austrians call them are changing up Egypt's food scene. Giza’s very own Charlie Chimney Cake decided to take the fad a step further and change up the cake's very core. With fillings such as french fries, mixed cheese, fried chicken, and cold cuts, Charlie's chimney cakes are far from conventional. Charlie was founded by, of all people, an Egyptian Doctor.

Mohamed Anwar was on a trip to Austria when the cakes first caught his attention. He toured the country trying to uncover the recipe but the locals refused to part with their precious secrets. Anwar returned to Egypt and after months of trial, error, and almost burning his house down, he uncovered the Austrian’s chimney cake’s recipe. “But why stop there?” he thought. So he kept on innovating. While the cakes are traditionally served sweet, Anwar drew inspiration from Egyptian fast food and now serves all sorts of crazy creations from hot dogs and fried chicken to french fries and mixed cheese.

You can learn more about Charley Chimney Cake through their Facebook.