Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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This Spot Just Saved Summer 2020 With Their Cheesecake Sticks

No one cares about formet El Sahel this year so might as well join the dad bod club.

Staff Writer

Sunny summer days would usually have us in the mood for one thing and one thing only: ice cream. This year, however, feels quite different. You know, with the whole Tante MacaRONA situation going on, everyone practicing social distancing (if you aren't, you need to check yourself, kiddos) and basically summer not being, well, summer. This is where Buon Gusto comes in to save us with a whole new accessory that will be perfect for our dad bod goals by the beach this season. 

The New Cairo spot literally makes cheesecakes and nothing else. You're probably thinking, "so what, SceneEats?" Well, let us tell you that you can have your motherfreakin' cheesecake on sticks. Yup, you read that right. Sticks! 

You can find them at Point 90 Mall where you can drown in things like Lotus, Nutella and all the other delish things you can ever dream of. 


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