It all started from casual chit-chat on their commute to work, to becoming One Tiny Table: Cairo’s newest new bakery that’s going to make you aww and scream “YAAS KWEENS” at the same time. Amina El Hadidy and Nour El Mokadem used to work together and carpool every morning. They would find themselves talking about baking and cool new recipes they saw online and so on. One day, they decided to go back to actually make some of these recipes instead of just talking about them and doing nothing. From cookies to tarts to cakes, there was no limit to them. And little did they know that One Tiny Table would be born that day. They had no intention of making this into a big bakery, they were mainly focusing on baking for fun and working with food photography and food styling -- which were all things they were obsessed with.

After their co-workers (back at their actual office) tried their desserts, everyone thought they were insanely delicious. The baking duo knew that they needed to pursue this dream of theirs and launched their Instagram.

“We want to stay as far away as possible from Nutella and Lotus and Kinder,” they both giggly tell us. “We will literally make any dessert other than that. All you have to do is let us know what you want and we will do it.”