Sunday June 16th, 2024
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30 North Coffee Opens at The Grand Egyptian Museum

Coveted artisanal coffee experts 30 North will offer us those sweet coffee breaks amidst the museum’s ancient treasures.

Farida El Shafie

An incomparable showcase of Egyptian history and legacy, one wonders just what exactly the Grand Egyptian Museum will offer us when we stop for a coffee break during our aimless meanderings amidst the largest collection of Egyptian treasures in the world. Who will offer us the caffeine shot we crave after the long walk between the towering statue of Ramses II and the treasures of Tutankhamun? As it turns out, the answer is coveted artisanal coffee experts, 30 North.

“It feels incredible,” Mai Hassan, 30 North’s Business Development Director, tells #SceneEats. “You’re opening a brand that is local to its core, at one of the most grandiose places in the world. We’ve worked really hard to build a name within our community, and this is a big step towards global impact.”

Founded by Amr El Khazindar and co-founded by Noha Khattab, 30 North has played host to countless late-night work sessions, first dates and serendipitous coffee concoctions. Its widespread popularity occurred rapidly post opening their first shop at Cairo Business Park. Love at first sip for most, the brand turned community staple, begad offering a plethora of food options that further captivated consumers.

Whilst nothing can quite match wits with the influx of emotions that follow spirited explorations of Egypt’s rich culture, a sprinkling of freshly brewed coffee can nonetheless elevate these endeavours. As you peruse heritage-rich hallways and immerse yourself in centuries’ worth of knowledge, you’re more than invited to sip on caramel lattes and indulge in succulent mouthfuls of freshly-baked brownies before you delve deeper into Egypt’s once-forgotten mysteries.

30 North is currently awaiting the Grand Egyptian Museum's official opening in order to fuel our cultural trips.


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